EXPOSED Jim Crapper aka Jim Cropper An Advocate For Antifa Terrorist – VIDEO

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Jim Crapper aka Jim Cropper supports a member of Antifa posing as a patriot. The terrorist he has now aligned with has threatened to kill multiple Trump supporters and has even solicited people for murder. This person has even promised to have wives and widows of decorated Combat vets killed and has made false reports to various police departments to have them swatted. Link to this terrorist he supports below.

This is a video addressing this fraud note the video has been banned on Periscope after Jim Crapper aka Cropper got butthurt but is now posted securely on this site

More articles about apoligists for Antifa and BLM go to these links

To see more about the Domestic terrorist Jim Crapper aka Jim Cropper supports click on picture below or CLICK ON THIS LINK

Here is another one of Jim Crapper’s aka Croppers friends that he supports

Exposed former Marine and LGBT advocate Matthew Peavy a III% percenter supports an advocate For Cop Killers and Terrorists

Note the faggot in the pic is Matthew Peavy


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