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At least 70 residents and 7 staff members at an Augusta nursing home are being treated for novel Coronavirus.

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Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center on a scale of 1-5 only has a rating of 1

Location: 3618 J Dewey Gray Cir., Augusta, GA [See Map] Overall Rating:1/5 (Based on data from August 2019 and earlier.)

According to Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center’s parent company, SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services, 70 residents have tested positive for COVID-19. 67 of these patients are isolated in the rehab center, and three of the residents are being treated at the hospital. 7 employees also tested Positive as well.

The facility is located at 3618 J Dewey Gray Circle, Dewey Gray Circle directly across the street from the Doctors Hospital. parking lot for their emergency and primary entrance.

It’s listed as a 120 bed care facility for the elderly. There has been no reports of deaths.

Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center released the following statement:

At this time we can confirm that seventy (70) residents at Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center have tested positive for COVID-19. Sixty-seven (67) of those residents are isolated in the Center and three (3) residents are being treated at the hospital.

We are doing everything we can to protect our residents and staff. This includes providing appropriate PPE, taking heightened precautions and adhering to protocols outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We are also working closely with our local health department to prevent exposure and to protect all our residents and staff at the Center. Before every shift, we assess the health of our staff and screen all staff members for respiratory illness, which includes a temperature check. We are also restricting visitation at this time based on guidance from the CDC and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

We know that this is an unsettling and scary time for our residents and their family members. We understand and greatly appreciate family members’ concern for their loved ones and are doing everything in our power to keep our residents safe and protected. We are in the process of contacting the family members of every single resident in our Center to keep them informed of their loved one’s condition as it evolves. We will continue to update family members in the coming days as new information becomes available or as circumstances change. We are working closely with the health authorities to follow their guidance and have been 100% transparent with all information released to the authorities, family members and the wider public, while maintaining the dignity and privacy of each of our residents.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated information and education to the Center, staff, patients, residents and families, as updates become available. We appreciate the continued support of the long-term care community, and the agencies and associations that support us in our efforts.


Augusta University Hospital Putting Lives At Risk From Coronavirus aka Covid – 19

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