1st In-Depth Documentary Movie On The Origin Of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) What The Mainstream Media Wont Talk About And What Our Govt. Doesn’t Want You To Know

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China can’t hide this VIDEO documentary about COVID-19! It should be used as evidence to force a global response against them too.

Pretty amazing and eye-opening! Do yourself a favor and watch this fantastic piece of journalism and it will change not just how you see the origins of this pandemic but how you view the world, democracy vs communism

Chinese Flag set on fire in Georgia

Video The Silent Chinese Threat At American University’s

Written by Wayne Dupree 

I am a big fan of horror and scary stories, but this has been the thing that has scared me most the truth is terrifying what else is being covered up around the world it’s time for people to come together and stop this ever happening again.

I genuinely believe what has been said here. My conclusion from the beginning that this virus was man-made. This report amplified my real dislike for CCP and WHO’s Tedros should be taken down for his part in this pandemic.

We should share this wonderful documentary movie with the people in the world that we could see the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic attacking our world! China is evil and dictator; they wanted to control the world! I hope our world will be soon over the terrible Wuhan.

I thought it started in the wet market. I still feel the Chinese government should have to pay for our losses.

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