Israeli Scientists to Test Virus Vaccine on Humans by June 1

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Israeli scientists said they are “days away” from obtaining the active component of a coronavirus vaccine that could lead to human testing as early as June 1.

“We are in the final stages and within a few days we will hold the proteins – the active component of the vaccine,” Chen Katz from the Galilee Research Institute Migal biotechnology group told The Jerusalem Post.

The team has already begun testing on mice and is working with the relevant authorities to ensure the product will be considered safe for human trials set to begin on June 1.

According to Katz, since the vaccine is oral, regulatory procedures will be shorter.

“The quality of this kind of vaccine should be closer to food regulations than pharma regulations or somewhere in between,” Katz said. “We hope that we will not need to go through the complete purification process like in the drug industry, because that could delay us.”

In February, Migal said the vaccine would be ready in 8-10 weeks and have it market-ready within 90 days. Katz told the Post they were delayed “because it took longer than expected to receive the genetic construct that they ordered from China due to the airways being closed.”

The oral vaccine could “turn this disease into a very mild cold,” Katz told the Times of Israel earlier this month, adding that vaccinated individuals who become infected by COVID-19 would likely not be affected at all.

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