Antifa Dwarf In McMinnvile Tennessee Makes Threats To Kill Trump Supporters and More

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There is a growing number of people who masquerade as Trump supporters who are advocates and supporters for Cop Killers aka BLM. Tina Vasudeva Piazza who happens to also be a member of Antifa who is making direct threats to kill Trump Supporters and is soliciting people for murder of Trump supporters. She she is always stalking children of many Trump supporters and is protected by a District Attorney in McMinnville Tennessee whose police dept has full knowledge of this they are both turning a blind eye to this as well. Call the town of Mcminnvile at 931-573-3808 to express your outrage. If enough people call we can collectively shut their phone lines down as it is a very small town.

Antifa Psychopath Leaves Phone Messages And Threats To Trump Supporters

This first video is addressing the growing threat of communist scum

For more articles exposing the Antifa Dwarf Terrorist go this link or go to

Tina below is a warning that you need to heed

Below is the address and phone number of the ANTIFA DOMESTIC TERRORIST I mentioned in the video above,call this Terrorist non stop its is a dangerous psychopath.

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This first video is a Black Lives Matter leader calling for the death of ALL POLICE OFFICERS and white people. And is supported by Tina Vasudeva Piazza. She communicates with him on a regular basis. Mellie Misel support this advocate for BLM

See some articles about people claiming to be Patriots that are supporting Unity with Antifa

This video is my response

Click on title below to see some names and addresses of some other Antifa members we have many more


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