EXPOSED Another former Marine And Three Percenter 5th column for Antifa And Makes Death Threat

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Former Marine Smitty Michael a domestic terrorist is posing as a patriot has infiltrated Patriot groups. He has a record of making terrorist threats to many as he is operating as member of a 5th column for Antifa. Such as the one we have shared in this post to Freedom Fighter Radio. He is Antifa a Marine who is also a Oathbreaker.

This member of Antifa will be the one liquidated if he tries. He tries he dies.

Here is an article with proof about how Mike Rage who he supports has been working with Antifa for years and still is along with Tammy Never Hillary Lee. CLICK ON TITLE BELOW FOR THE PROOF

Proof III% Percent Movement Leaders George Curbelo And Mike Rage Call For Unity With Antifa And BLM

Here are some people who support people who make death threats. Click on their names to go to their facebook page and help take them down report them for anything you can Jennifer Lynn Sellers  , Erica Schmidt  , Marcus Harmon , Jay Szymczak  ,
Here is a link to his Facebook profile

To all our supporters you know what needs to be done

Exposed Proof – Three Percent Movement Leaders coordinating with left-wing militias and Communist aka Antifa

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