Democratic Party And Their New Way Forward Act Will Put Americans Lives At Risk

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 New Way Forward Act would make it nearly impossible to detain illegal immigrants, This Bill would transform the country, make it unrecognizable. #FoxNews

H.R.5383 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): New Way Forward Act

A clear warning of how far to the extreme left the Democratic Party has moved is the recently introduced New Way Forward Act.  This immigration bill would totally uproot the rule of law, provide amnesty for illegals here, and import dangerous criminals into the United States.  By allowing foreign citizens who committed serious felonies to stay in our country, all Americans would be at risk.  And by granting new rights to illegal aliens, the New Way Forward Act would prevent our immigration officials from detaining most illegal immigrants.  Shockingly, over forty of my Democrat colleagues in the House have cosponsored this legislation.

We have long known that many on the far left have the goal of global open borders.  They do not appreciate that to keep our country prosperous and strong we must have real, enforceable borders.  Put another way, our country won’t be any different from the rest of the world if we eliminate our borders and let whoever wants here to enter.

Please read more. CLICK ON THIS TITLE –> The New Way Forward Act is an assault on our borders

The next video is a debate on immigration against a Nationally known illegal alien activist Ron Gochez. Freedom Fighter Radio has been for years speaking out against the threat of the illegal alien invasion,and our unsecured borders. My critics cannot say the same.This was done 8 years ago but is still relevant.

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Author: johnnyinfidel