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Kamil Warraich (below), the department’s first Pakistani and second Muslim officer in the Asbury Park Police Department, alleges he was repeatedly called “Taliban” and “terrorist” by colleagues, as well as “racial” slurs (what ‘race’ is Muslim?) by superior officers.

NJ.com Warraich claims supervisors passed him over for promotions while advancing non-Muslim colleagues, according to the suit, and his attempts to raise concerns drew him into a bureaucratic nightmare that ultimately led to his demotion and firing.

David Castellani, one of Warraich’s lawyers, said in a statement. “Unfortunately … Mr. Warraich faced a hostile work environment created by people within the APPD who did not want to see a dark-skinned Muslim police officer.”

Warraich was fired last summer, which he believes was part of a retaliation campaign against him because he had flagged problems within the department. Police officials said he racked up multiple disciplinary charges and failed a fitness for duty test, which he disputes, according to the complaint.

NOTE: Officer Warraich follows the teachings of a child rapist. Who taught his followers to lie to non-muslims

During his tenure he both held prestigious positions and was accused of “insubordination,” according to the lawsuit, and officials allegedly ignored rules and regulations whenever he said he was being treated poorly.

Warraich also accused his predominantly white colleagues of targeting minority communities and using excessive force against residents, and he said supervisors encouraged officers to sometimes hide when they used force.

However, the former officer, Warraich, previously reported using restraints, pepper spray and other types of force more than almost any other cop in New Jersey, according to The Force Report, an NJ Advance Media analysis of five-years-worth of data. No other Asbury Park officer reported using more force from 2012 through 2016, and only ten officers statewide reported higher numbers.

During that period, 87% of the people Warraich used force against were black, a larger share than the department.

The complaint also alleged that Warraich was passed over for a promotion in favor of non-Muslim colleagues in 2012–even though his record showed that he “was far more qualified for the position than the two officers selected and had more experience.” 

(Yeah, sure he was)

The lawsuit asks for lost wages and his reinstatement as a lieutenant, among other requests.

Thankfully, he’s no longer a cop

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