Musilm Brotherhood Support of Black Lives Matter And Calls For Islamic Revolution In America – Video Proof

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Understanding the threat to our Republic that we are facing. The Muslim Brotherhood is now backing Black Lives Matter and is calling for a islamic Revolution on American Soil.
Virtually all Patriot groups and leaders have been refusing to share this video for years they are Islamic apologists. They will soon be named in the coming days, Such groups as the III% Security Force.

The Three Percent movement members promoting Unity with BLM and Antifa

This video exposing the Muslim Brotherhood support of BLM has been banned by VIMEO and other social media platforms that do not want people to see and hear the proof.

This next video is a Black Lives Matter leader calling for the death of ALL POLICE OFFICERS and white people.

Another video of a leader in Bitches Losers and Maggots aka BLM calling for the murder of all white people.

Muslim who is a Black Lives Matter Leader calls for the death of White police officers and says its open season on killing cops and white people

Muslim Students Association promoting jihad says they are willing to die to establish islam in America

Author: johnnyinfidel