Black Lives Matter member in Michigan charged with nursing home attack on elderly White man

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A young Detroit nursing home patient who is 20 years old has been charged in the brutal, caught-on-video beatdown of his 75-year-old roommate that left President Trump outraged. The young man we have learned was Positive for Covid-19 based upon his medical records.

What is not being reported and is being coverd up by law enforcemnet is the fact that this attack was by a member of BLACK LIVES MATTER

The Three Percent movement members promoting Unity with BLM and Antifa


Nursing home patient beaten in brutal attack caught on video

Jaden Hayden, 20, is facing assault charges for allegedly filming himself repeatedly punching Norman Bledsoe and stealing his credit cards. The alleged attack left the elderly man hospitalized with head injuries.

Hayden allegedly told staff at Westwood Rehabilitation Nursing Center that his roommate had fallen out of bed. But he was busted after posting video of his attack online — grabbing the attention of the president.

“Is this even possible to believe?” Trump tweeted last Thursday.

The video also reached Detroit police, who arrested Hayden the same day Trump tweeted.

He was charged Sunday with two counts of assault, larceny and two counts of stealing a financial transaction device, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said. He was arraigned later that day with his bond set at $300,000, the Detroit Free Press said.nursing-home-67

“The alleged actions of this defendant are truly and uniquely disturbing. We must be able to trust our loved ones in specialty care facilities. I truly hope that the facts of this case are one of a kind,” prosecutor Kym Worthy said, according to the paper.

Hey Kym where the hell have you been? they are not one of a kind

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This next video is a Black Lives Matter leader calling for the death of ALL POLICE OFFICERS and white people.

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