EXPOSED – Chris Hill Leader of the III% Security Force Supports Advocate For The Murder Of Lavoy Finicum PROOF

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Rick Light (and former Fed) Bill Finlay aka Wild Bill For America defend the murder of Lavoy Finicum

The murder of Lavoy Finicum by rogue government agents and so called patriots who defended his murder why has Jeanette Finicum remained silent about Those who defended the murder of her husband Lavoy. Also not long after her former husband’s death or murder I should say she married Lavoys best friend allegedly. Hmmm

Go to and to see video proof about Rick Light’s support for the murder of Lavoy Finicum

Rick Light is supported and working with Chris Hill Leader of the III% Security Force

Chris Hill is using Antifa and islamic tactics against anyone who disagrees with him and exposes him., he is mentally weak and gets butthurt over words. Hill does not support free speech The III% Security Force believes in violence against anyone who calls him and his Nazi/and Antifa mentality out.

III% Security Force Members That Were Arrested For Plotting To Blowup Apartment Complex

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Now below is the video where Rick Light and Wild Bill are promoting lies about Lavoy Finicum


Commander Rick Light of the Texas State Militia Has Nazi Connections And Supports A Convicted Child Rapist CLICK HERE

Addressing a domestic terrorist aka Chris Hill

The following video I address Former Marines in the III% Security Force who endorse an advocate for other Former Marines some of which are currently serving a 30 year prison term for the rape of their own daughter 7 years old. Also Former Marine who Murdered a child in front of her mother.

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