The Book – Why Muslims Kill For Islam Gets Banned By Amazon Now Available On Freedom Fighter Radio

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Only a fool would cheer the banning of Tommy Robinson by Facebook and Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you like or loathe him. It doesn’t matter if you think he’s a searing critic of the divisive logic in the politics of diversity or Luton’s very own Oswald Mosley in Jack Wills clobber. The point is that his expulsion from social media confirms that corporate censorship is out of control.

It speaks to a new kind of tyranny: the tyranny of unaccountable oligarchs in Silicon Valley getting to decide who is allowed to speak in the new public square that is the internet.

This book by Tommy Robinson has been banned by Amazon and almost everywhere on the internet. Freedom Fighter Radio obtained a e-file of it before it was pulled. And now are making it available to the world.

Facebook Bans Mention of Tommy Robinson

View or download the file titled Why Muslims Kill For Islam CLICK HERE

Facebook Bans Mention of Tommy Robinson CLICK HERE

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