Exposed Antifa Video Makes Threats To Kill Trump Supporters

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Antifa, claims to be against Fascism, but they oppose and suppress all free speech and freedom of expression [that does not agree with theirs’] to the point of blocking all debate. Even the most hateful speech is allowed under our constitution and suppression of any speech IS Fascism. Time to exterminate Antifa.

In the video below Shaun King a communist Antia Scum gives a warning to Trump Supporters.

Here is another article about him ‘Tear them down’: BLM says Jesus statues are ‘white supremacy’

PATRIOTS vs. Antifa 

EXPOSED – Patriot and III% Percenter AKA John Stonebrunt ADVOCATES FOR KILLING COPS

What kind of people are friends with scum like John who claim to be Patriots? Below is screenshot proof of John Stonebrunt advocating for killing cops.

Time to exterminate Antifa

Antifa Terrorist continues to make death threats and slanders Trump Supporters and those who oppose Islam

Terrorist Alert – Antifa Member In Tennessee Threatens To Have Trump Supporters Killed link to articles exposing this Terrorist

VIDEO – Antifa Gets A Beatdown By Johnny Infidel Of Freedom Fighter Radio

For more articles on this site about the Antifa Communist Scum CLICK HERE

Terrorist Alert – Antifa Member Threatens To Have Trump Supporters Killed…/18/terrorist-alert-2/

Antifa Gets A Beatdown By Johnny Infidel Of Freedom Fighter Radio

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