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This website is committed to truth in an uncompromising proactive fashion, Freedom Fighter Radio is not just mere talk, but ACTION that encourages citizens to become involved in issues that affect them and fight back with the use of force against the insurrection taking place in our Country that now endanger our Nation’s freedom and sovereignty.

If you’re a concerned citizen and deeply worried about where this country is headed politically; the media-ignored threats to our national security; the relentless attacks by the Left and the compromising from the Right on our freedoms and beliefs, and the taxing of our way of life due to an ever-burdening immigration influx – SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SITE

While many US Citizens have remained optimistic, it is becoming clearer and clearer that if this country does not WAKE UP soon, life in America, as we know it, will cease to exist.  

 FreedomFighterRadio.com’s mission is to educate the American public, inform the misinformed, and motivate people to rise up and fight back against ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC and to promote the principles and values this great country was found upon!

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Author: johnnyinfidel