Video Blowing Up The Toilet Paper Writings From Hell aka The Satanic Verses The Quran – Southern Style

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Islam is a sick, hateful ideology started by a throat slitting illiterate goat humping savage,child molester,and false prophet aka Muhammad. There are NO “moderate Muslims. Anyone reading the Koran and remaining a Muslim is a criminally insane supporter of jihad. They are here to establish a “beach head” from which to destabilize and destroy our beloved nation.

Watch this video and see what the boys from the South think about Islam

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Author: johnnyinfidel

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Michael L Atkinson
Michael L Atkinson
1 year ago

This country is being destroyed from the inside out. Ask your children what they know about American history,you’ll be surprised by what you may hear.our country is under attack and has been since September 11th,2001 when the world trade center building were destroyed by muslims,and what are we doing about the problem here at home NOTHING..NOT ONE THING. So prepare for what is now coming down the road towards you, be prepared to fight for your country against the evil that has infiltrated our homes and our schools are children as well as our own government. America will always be free nation,and I am but one of those
American patriots that’s willing to fight and die to keep her that way…That American flag you see waving wherever you go is worth dying for take a moment and stand in awe of it,and remember the lives lost in fighting to make sure she forever waved freely.