EXPOSED Three Percenter and Apologist For Terrorists aka Black Lives Matter he is Josh Shoaff aka Ace Baker

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Ace Baker has promoted peace talks with Domestic Terrorists. he has tried to make peace with Bitches Losers and Maggots known as BLM – Black Lies Matter aka Black Lives Matter, BLM calls for the murder of all Police Officers and white people. Black Lives Matter is also backed by the American branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Read Exposed Proof – Three Percent Movement Leaders coordinating with left-wing militias and Communists aka Antifa

 Video of a leader in Bitches Losers and Maggots aka BLM calling for the murder of all white people. Ace Baker has tried to find common ground with this terrorist Group.

We cannot and must not support acts of appeasement with Terrorists. We cannot coexist with anyone who has the support of Islam. Islam is the worlds number 1 threat

Meet Ace Baker. SWAT cop turned rebel leader, arrested recently after reportedly showing up at a man’s house with guns and threatening to commit murder. Days later he’s free and preaching 1776 while showing off his guns. But how does he get away with it when we go to abusive jails for the smallest infractions?

The professional informant has connections and uses them to infiltrate groups and take down those who threaten the regime. He has style, he knows what to say and he has people to cover tracks so missteps are quietly covered up. When stories like this come out, those friends make noise to refute it as spurious nonsense and quickly smooth it over with doublespeak.


Here is a link to facebook under his real name

He, sometimes she, comes from nowhere to everywhere with tats and hats, bearing arms in more ways than one. With inspiration, cool flags and contractor style beards (or boobs) that drive frustrated middle-aged warrior wannabes crazy he gains followers while handing out 3% stickers.

“Those feds are mostly good guys,” — says the informant. Then proceeds with his speech about how it’s time to take up arms. He says it well and the confusion of a mixed message soon fades from listening faces.

People like Gary Hunt, Ace Baker, Deb Jorden, Doug Knowles. They run groups, pages, and organizations; they talk to each other and they are more organized than you think as they help lock away warriors like Jason Patrick, Jake Ryan, Leonard Peltier, Scheffer Cox’ and countless more. Worse, they do it in the name of freedom.

On the left is Eric Parker; a man who sat in prison defending freedom. But on the right is Ace Baker. His job is likely to send Eric and others back to the cages. A 13-year ex-cop and past military SERE instructor, Ace is trained in sysops. His real name is Josh Shoaf and he’s a so-called ex-cop who’s been in the news for his use of excessive force against civilian, The public figure of Ace was created after when he took over what appears to be blue line support page on Facebook and turned it into a brand called American Warrior Revolution, specializing in propaganda that backs the blue, with a message of patriotism that as front and is controlled opposition

NOTE — The following people and groups support this man, just to name a few.

Will Johnson of Unite America First, United Constitutional Patriots,Jermey Deeter of American Warrior Revolution,Major League Liberty,Outlaw Morgan,Tommy Gunn of MOAR, Tommy E Hodges,


The MOAR Rally 2019 Supports Advocate For BLM And Muslim Brotherhood

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Carl Benson
Carl Benson
1 year ago

Absolutely appalling that there are so many people that consider themselves American on the side of people ,agencies and groups that are determined to have tyranny reign over America and usurp the Constitution!