Exposed former Marine and LGBT advocate Matthew Peavy a III% percenter supports an advocate For Cop Killers and Terrorists aka Black Lives Matter

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Former Marine Matthew Peavy supports an advocate for a group which calls for the murder of all Police Officers and white people. He also encourages Patriots to open their minds and embrace LGBT snd Trandgenders. As indicted in the picture of him above which was taken from a post on his own Facebook page which since has been removed.

Read Exposed Proof – Three Percent Movement Leaders coordinating with left-wing militias and Communists aka Antifa

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This is Matthew Peaveys favorite flag

its_Fill_up △⃒⃘ ??️‍? on Twitter: "I'm a gay, Marine Vet ...

Exposed – The Three Percent Movement leaders call for unity with Communist aka Antifa and Black Lives Matter which is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood To read about this and see proof CLICK HERE

Matthew Peavey support the Man referenced in the article below

Advocate For Islamic Terrorist Group Posing As A Patriot who opposes ICE roundups of illegals by our President Donald Trump EXPOSED CLICK HERE

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