Black Panthers and NFAC Challenging III% Movement, and all Militias. Is this a declaration of war?

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Recently the New Black Panthers aka NFAC issued a challenge in the video below to all Militias and Three Percenters. Their challenge has been met with fear and no action as expected. They are in every State and every major city. The Muslim Brotherhood has been arming them for years and Democrat and Republican Presidents have allowed this to get to where we are today. I have been warning the groups that they have challenged for over 10 years only to be told Iam wrong and full of shit well guess what its here because your Patriot leaders have failed you.

The media has lied to you, your elected representatives have betrayed you and the religious leaders in America have led their flocks astray.

 New Black Panther Party (NBPP) – also known as the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, whose motto is, “Freedom or Death” – and associated groups like the New Black Liberation Militia (NBLM), have also emerged as debatably extremist black socialist separatist organizations that also arguably could meet the government’s various criteria for what constitutes an extremist organization, and that certain of their leaders have consorted with the heads of Islamist terror-supporting states and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Musilm Brotherhood Support of Black Lives Matter And Calls For Islamic Revolution In America – Video Proof

Armed Black Panthers Militia intimidating drivers

Armed New Black Panthers march in Atlanta Georgia

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Author: johnnyinfidel