Islamic Backed BLM Terrorists Attack Georgia State Patrol Headquarters in Atlanta Georgia

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Armed with rocks, spray paint and fireworks, and Molotov cocktails people who have been called protesters allegedly descended on the Georgia Bureau of Public Safety headquarters in Atlanta early Sunday, vandalizing the building and sparking a fire that injured two employees of the law enforcement agency, authorities said.

About 60 to 100 demonstrators, dressed in dark clothes and many wearing masks, caused “extensive damage” to the facility, including breaking several windows and spray painting graffiti on the building, according to Lt. Stephanie Stallings, spokesperson for the state Department of Public Safety.

Link to video about this with spokesperson for the state Department of Public Safety

“Fireworks were thrown through one of the windows, causing a small fire in one of the offices,” Stallings said in a statement.

Stallings said employees on-site at the time of the attack put the fire out quickly, but two DPS workers were treated for smoke inhalation.

Below two BLM terrorists being taken into custody.

A DPS vehicle parked in front of the building was also vandalized, Stallings said. The building houses several other state agencies. Stallings said an estimated cost of the damage to the building is still being assessed.

Musilm Brotherhood Support of Black Lives Matter And Calls For Islamic Revolution In America – Video Proof

This video exposing the Muslim Brotherhood support of BLM has been banned by VIMEO and other social media platforms that do not want people to see and hear the proof.


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