America is being infected with the deadliest virus in world history Communism – VIDEO

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It is Marxism, the term by which the founders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa define themselves. Combine Marxism with Islamofascism, as BLM and Antifa leaders appear to be doing, and it will destroy the world as we know it.

Mobs Riots Church burning Destruction of private property. These are all Communist tactics. These tactics have been used successfully before to topple great nations. Want to know what is really going on?

Our country is being infected with the deadliest virus in world history:

Communist tactics are always the same – and so is their motive: Power and Control. It is always about power and control.Want to know how to stop it? We must fight for our American way of life. Fight for our liberty. Fight Now. That is what this election is about: Freedom vs. Tyranny. Nothing more.

The Biden campaign and the Democrats DO NOT WANT you to see this video. Let’s make this go viral to spread the TRUTH!

Communications Director of America First Action Kelly Sadler explains why the Super PAC is pushing campaign ads that they say show Joe Biden’s coziness with China, and gives insight on policy Trump is weighing to become less dependent on China as polls show Americans favor American manufacturing to Chinese outsourcing.

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