BACK THE BLUE! Blue Lives Matter patriots in Brooklyn clash with (anti-police) Black Lives Matter protesters

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Tempers flared in Brooklyn Saturday as anti-cop protesters crashed a Blue Lives Matter rally — complete with furious finger-pointing and a lot of shouting, pushing and shoving. Some three dozen anti-cop protesters showed up just before the 11 a.m. start of the rally at 13th Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue in Dyker Heights.

They confronted a crowd of more than 300 pro-police supporters, including Lou Gentile, a 70-year-old Army vet who traveled to the rally from Staten Island in a three-bus caravan. “I had to be here to defend my police – defend them and to show that I’m in total support of them,” Gentile told The Post.

Notice how there don’t seem to be any black people among the Black Lives Matter protesters, just white leftists/communists.

Gentile, who said the disrespect of police officers goes back to last summer’s string of incidents in which several cops were doused with water while out on the streets.

“They risk their lives every day for us. When they put that gun on and that uniform, they risk their lives,” Gentile said pointing at cops. “When you call them, who’s going to come? A social worker? I don’t think so. Who’s going to come? Him, him and him,” he said, again pointing at cops, “to protect your life.”

The NYPD quickly stepped in to separate the anti-cop protesters, who carried Black Lives Matter signs, from the pro-cop protesters, who chanted “NYPD!” and carried signs reading Blue Lives Matter. The anti-cop protesters were barred from joining the rally as it marched up 13th Avenue.

Added a pro-cop protester who said he was a union plumber and gave his name as Anthony — and who was waving a Trump/Pence 2020 flag — “Trump, our president, is for law and order to keep all of us safe — me, you, everybody needs to be be kept safe by the NYPD or any police.”

As BLM protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter!” those in the pro-cop group screamed, “Not in this neighborhood!” one pro-cop marcher yelled out.

“The problems are in your neighborhood! Go fix where you live!” another pro-cop marcher screamed at the racially-mixed group of BLM protesters. “F— blue lives! That s— don’t matter,” a BLM protester fired back.

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