A Clarion Call Of Action To Desecrate Banners and Signs Of The Marxist Group BLM

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BLM is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders have openly admitted to being trained Communists aka Marxists Taking apart a BLM sign on a bridge in Augusta Georgia.

Its time to speak up, stand up and push back against Black Lives Matter whose founders admit to being trained Marxists and who are backed by the GOAT HUMPING BARBARIC SAVAGES aka the Muslim Brotherhood

Info exposing BLM go to the links below

Link 1 https://freedomfighterradio.com/?s=blm

Link 2 https://freedomfighterradio.com/?s=black+lives+matter

Musilm Brotherhood Support of Black Lives Matter And Calls For Islamic Revolution In America – Video Proof

This video exposing the Muslim Brotherhood support of BLM has been banned by VIMEO and other social media platforms that do not want people to see and hear the proof.


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Author: johnnyinfidel