Death Threat To Trump Supporters By Antifa Terrorist In Tennessee Hear The Voice Messages

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Terrorist in Tennessee made a death threat to kill another Trump supporter today in a phone call. We have audios of many more threats.

The 1st audio below was sent from a Antifa Dwarf who lies about a fellow Trump supporter and even makes a direct death threat at end of call it says it will crack open the skull. Note the person she calls a fat bitch in Georgia is the wife of a retired combat Marine.

The 2nd audio below is Tina lying and threatening a fellow Trump Supporter. Was sent to the widow of a Combat Vet who is 81 years old the phone message was sent from 615-393-4603.

Our video below addressing the threats. Not long after the video below the Antifa Terrorist relocated to a new address which is 619 West End Ave McMinnville Tennessee

We openly call for and condone patriots to call the number nonstop 24/7 and to dox it it NO REST FOR THE WICKED. Here is the address and phone number of this ANTIFA DOMESTIC TERRORIST call this Terrorist non stop its is a dangerous psychopath. 619 West End Ave Mcminnville Tennessee Phone 615-393-4603

More posts about this Antifa terrorist at

This individual has been terrorizing individuals and their families. Take a listen. She states she does none of this. This is only one of many audios that will be exposed. Hmm who is Tina Piazza? Listen to this next video. more at link above

Is it me or do Tinas friends posted below with links look like drug addicts and or Meth Heads?

This is a friend of the Antifa terrorist LMAO. It’s allegedly said that he crawled into his daughters bed and molested her. He blames the Doctor for prescribing him heavy pain meds.

Does he not look like a Pirate on Meth?

Links about a couple other people on record for supporting the dwarf terrorist aka Tina

Another beauty

Another Closet Democrat Posing As A Trump Supporter aka Mellie Misel Who Supports An Antifa Terrorist

Below is the address and phone number of this ANTIFA DOMESTIC TERRORIST call this Terrorist non stop its is a dangerous psychopath.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Inked20191106_002419_LI.jpg

She is soliciting people for murder audio proof in the video below

Exposing Terrorist who also is Satanist in disguise who who had her child Serena removed from her custody for being a unfit parent. The person is Tina Marie Vasudeva also goes by Tina Piazza and Tina Singh whose real name is Tina Bowie of Tennessee.

Just a few of her many court records of her criminal past.

She along with Donnie Yates are trafficking Meth and heroine. Its a 4ft foot 10 transgender dwarf terrorist operating on facebook under the fake name Tina Piazza Report that facebook acct as a fake name and fake acct help take it down and cyber attack anyone and everyone it works with and is friends. As it is sharing false reports from alt left website called Hatetrackers.

We openly call for cyber attacks to take down Hatrackers by any means.

For more info on hatetrackers
click on the links below

Hatetrackers And Its Documented Criminal History EXPOSED

The DHS, SPLC and Hatetracker Connection Exposed!!!

This terrorist is working with Antifa and the Muslim brotherhood posing as a Patriot She continues along with others to make death threats against Trump Supporters and multiple patriots.

The ip address to this terrorist is if you want to have some cyber fun and more

We traced her ip address and were able to obtain its physical location as indicated below


My response to the threat

For more about the terrorist in Tennessee click on links below

Terrorist Alert

Terrorists In Tennessee aka Tina Piazza and Donnie Yates Threatens Deadly Attacks On Trump Supporters

Exposing Domestic Terrorists Who Support The Removal Of The Largest Confederate Monument


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Mark Davis
Mark Davis
1 year ago

You must be talking about Blonde Bimbo from Tennessee