The Anti Muslim Music Video”Open Season” – By Stuck Mojo that CAIR failed to ban

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Islam is a sick, hateful ideology started by a throat slitting illiterate goat humping savage,child molester,and false prophet aka Muhammad. There are NO “moderate Muslims. Anyone reading the Koran and remaining a Muslim is a criminally insane supporter of jihad. They are here to establish a “beach head” from which to destabilize and destroy our beloved nation.

I urge everyone to watch Stuck Mojo’s song and video “Open season” on “you tube.” He says it very well. But the most interesting thing is: CAIR does not like the song. Oh It is Islamophobic! Good this makes it a great song, since the islamic savages dont like it.

Watch and enjoy.

See below Youtube is trying to stop this video from being seen

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See the video below that keeps getting banned but it cant be banned on our site Freedom Fighter Radio. Watch this video which shows the true face and agendas of the religion of the Anti Christ founded by a barbaric throat slitting,illiterate desert nomad,child rapist and false prophet aka Muhammad which is being removed by the enemies of America aka all social media platforms.

For more info about how Facebook and all social media are trying to stop the threat of islam from being exposed.

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Author: johnnyinfidel

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