EXPOSED ON VIDEO – Marxist Commie aka Black Lives Matter Activist Faith Shields Dixon of Fargo,North Dakota Caught Speeding Pulls Race Card

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Another ignorant person that can’t just cooperate and follow directions. Her name is Faith Shields Dixon of Fargo ,North Dakota a Marxist Commie aka Black Lives Matter Activist. We need to start charging argumentative people that waste time for the amount the amount of time the waste as well as the tickets.

She just showed her ignorance to the world. A 20 minute traffic stop that would normally be about 6 minutes. We Back the Blue ? Thank you to all our Men and Women in Blue ? These officers were nothing but polite and professional despite the driver being argumentative and difficult. She wants to make things racial so she can show her “black privilege “

Here is the link to her Facebook page if you stand for America help get her taken down on Social Media

How can she say she loves Jesus yet support a movement led by leaders who have openly admitted to being trained Communists aka Marxists?Marxist are anti God and anti religion

She pulls her race card right about 4 minutes into the video.

Below are pics of her family and some friends

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Author: johnnyinfidel