FaceBook Removes Post And Video Calling Corona Virus A Chinese Virus

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Facebook bans post referring to Covid-19 as a Chinese Virus.  FREEDOM FIGHTER RADIO calls for and advocates Cyber attacks on Facebook.This is a clarion call for lonewolf action by Patriot Cyber Warriors to take down Facebook by any means possible. Target their mainframes to include their cyber networks non-stop, Patriots we are the Resistance to Commie Scum and islam and do not ever ever give up. 

Read more articles exposing Facebook at this link https://freedomfighterradio.com/?s=facebook

This video was banned and removed today by Facebook. As evident in the screenshot below. Mark Zuckerberg is a Commie loving bastard with a Chink aka Chinese wife. They are aiding and abetting the Communist Govt of China. Not to mention Facebook alliance and support of the Goat Humping Savages aka muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Burning the Chinese Communist flag in defiance of their bio attack on AmericaThis video was censored by Facebook for hate speech lol. They also banned me for hate speech for calling the Corona Virus The Chinese Virus.

Facebook allows videos of American flags being burned and videos advocating killing Trump, Cops, and anyone who is not a Goat Humping Savage aka Muslim. And says all that is not hate speech. Its past time that every effort is made to cyber attack Facebook for aiding and abetting Terrorists and every enemy of America!!!

Before it was banned it went viral with over 100,000 views and over 1000 shares. Posted here were it is safe please share this post

China’s Biggest Propaganda Agency Buys Ads on Facebook and Twitter to Smear Protesters in Hong Kong

For articles exposing facebook on this site click on this link https://freedomfighterradio.com/?s=facebook

Freedom Fighter Radio condones lone wolf attacks on Facebook. Its open season get to work.

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