Audio Proof Of Death Threat From A III% Percent Leader To Trump Supporter

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Audio proof that the Georgia III% Security Force is a terrorist organization whose leader is Christopher Sheldon Hill aka Gen Blood Agent.They support murder against any and all who disagree or criticize them.

Their leaders openly promote violence, but then again they have leaders who refer to President Trump as a treasonous bastard (see proof of this click here) and support people who have apparently called for political assassinations this group is also working with US Yellow Jackets led by a felon named Caleb Broad is also working with David Allen Wright aka David Brewer of B.A.I.R (Bureau of American Islamic Relations along with Daughters of Liberty.

Note all the groups listed here and names are in support of a Texas militia leader named Rick Light who is on record for supporting the murder of Lavoy Finicum ( go to )along with a convicted child rapist who raped his own 7 year old daughter and a neo nazi child killer. To see proof of this CLICK HERE

To see proof go to this article

Commander Rick Light of the Texas State Militia Has Nazi Connections And Supports A Convicted Child Rapist

There is no difference between their tactics and the islamic savages


This next video clip is the inbred Terrorist Bill Hartwell aka K2 leader of the Virginia III% Security Force

III% Security Force Is American Version of ISIS

Constitutional’ III% Percent Militia Leader Supports ANTIFA Terror Cell That Promotes Bombing ICE Facilities

Here is the phone number and info to K2 a leader and Terrorist IN THE III% Security Force who made the threat taken from a screenshot of the caller ID

Below are numbers to American Terrorist leader Chris Hill and his place of employment. Taken form his public Linkedin profile Call this terrorist at home and work

(626) 294-0500 Brennan Law Firm, Phone

The Man holding Hitler Banner has been supported by Chris Hill and the entire III% Security Force

To hear JT Ready a man Chris SUPPORTED calling Hitler a great man click here

Freedom Fighter Radio Challenges any and all Patriot websites to publicly denounce the NSM

If these sites do not do this it will indicate that they may have no problem with the NSMs agenda and dont want to lose members who are part of the NSM.

Bomb Threat To Arizona Courthouse From US Yellow Jackets and III% Security Force Member

CLICK HERE for more related info

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EXPOSED – Chris Hill and 3% Security Force Support Of Advocate For Convicted Child Rapist


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