Blue ISIS In Tennessee AKA the McMinnville police Department Ignore Death Threats From Local Antifa Resident to kill Trump Supporters Nationwide

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Blue ISIS In Tennessee AKA the McMinnville police department Is turning a blind eye to a member of Antifa named Tina Vasudeva aka Tina Piazza a resident that is threatening kill Trump supporters And harassing senior citizens

This member of Antifa has been terrorizing Trump supporters and their families

We openly call for and condone patriots to call the number nonstop 24/7 and to dox it it NO REST FOR THE WICKED. Here is the address and phone number of this ANTIFA DOMESTIC TERRORIST call this Terrorist non stop its is a dangerous psychopath. 619 West End Ave Mcminnville Tennessee Phone 615-393-4603

More post about this Antifa terrorist at

To get more information about this terrorist GO TO

CALLING MCMINNVILLE Tennessee PD which is allowing residents to make death threats to trump supporters CALL THEM ASK WHY THEY ALLOW THIS And you will hear them pass the buck 931-473-3808

McMinnville Tennessee is now a sanctuary city for ANTIFA who makes Death Threats to kill Trump supporters

(931) 473-1200 McMinnville City Hall, Phone City administrator 931-473-2505 Light up their phones

Call the Jackbooted thugs at the Mcminnville Tennessee police dept and the Warren County Sheriffs Dept. Call them and express your views every day time to make them accountable to WE THE PEOPLE

McMinnville Police Department 204 Red Rd # 100 (931) 473-3808

Warren County Sheriffs Department 108 Security Cir 931) 473-7863

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