Exposing Mack Mcgregor a Wolf in Patriot Clothing a Georgia candidate that is an apologist for Antifa and BLM

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PROOF – Exposing a former Marine that is a Wolf in Patriot Clothing a Georgia candidate that is an apologist for Antifa and BLM Who also calls himself a 3% percenter. He calls Andre Gregory a leader of BLM who is also a member of the Rose City Antifa a great guy.

Andre pictured 2nd from left in pic below

Here is another failed candidate in Georgia that we exposed and destroyed his campaign who Mack McGregor supported who has White Supremacists And Nazi Connections and who now supports Mack who is wacked click on link to read and see ARTICLES WITH PROOF https://freedomfighterradio.com/?s=michael+boggus

Mack is on record for even supporting people who have engaged in disinfo with the goal of having Trump supporters killed. Link to one of the disinfo agents named AC Lytle at this link CAUTION ARIZONA CONTROLLED OPPOSITION AGENT POSING AS PATRIOT

Mack also is on record for supporting Bill Hartwell who goes by the codename Gay 2 I mean K 2 a Neo Nazis who has made death threats to me as well to see article about this with the audio of the threat go to this link Audio Proof Of Death Threat From A III% Percent Leader To Trump Supporter

Mack also backs Chris Hill who has documented ties to Socialists https://freedomfighterradio.com/?s=chris+hill

Now he claims he all about Trump. That claim is only to get votes.

Mack McGregor also backs another candidate who is a Deep State demon named Kelly Loeffler who wont state where she stands on Red Flag Laws. And who supported Stacy Abrams see post exposing Kelly Loeffler at this link https://freedomfighterradio.com/?s=kelly+loeffler

Here is a pic of Mack McGregor with people who have no problem with his support of a Black Lives Matter Leader

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Author: johnnyinfidel