Black Lives Matter rioters in Charlotte marched down the street chanting “f-ck your Jesus”

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On August 25, Black Lives Matter marched down the streets of Charlotte North Carolina unopposed and began to chant and yell FUCK YOUR JESUS.

Are there any patriots in North Carolina? BLM Marched through the streets of your state Chanting FUCK YOUR JESUS. Will you March through the streets chanting FUCK BLM

Rutgers University professor says that Trump supporters are to blame for people dying in the coronavirus pandemic She also Calls Jesus Christ an Asshole

Black Lives Matter leaders have openly admitted to being trained Marxists aka Communists. Marxists are anti God anti religion.

Black Lives Matter has the spirit of the ANTICHRIST

BLM is also backed by the American Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood which has openly called for overthrowing the our republic by revolution.

It is to be noted that a Georgia Candidate named Mack Mcgregor has even called a Black Lives Matter leader in North Carolina a great guy as indicated in the screenshot below

Read more about him at this link Exposing Mack Mcgregor a Wolf in Patriot Clothing a Georgia candidate that is an apologist for Antifa and BLM

Watch this video and check out our links below exposing Black Lives Matter and the Muslim Brotherhood.

How BLM Is Laying The Groundwork For AntiChrist

Links with more info exposing the Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter and Antifa below

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Author: johnnyinfidel