EXPOSED VIDEO – Useful Idiots For The Left In Columbia County Georgia Supporting Black Lives Matter aka Islamic Jihad Who Are Islamic Apologists

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Jazmine Ridlehoover and her father James Ridlehoover of Columbia County Georgia Holding a sign for domestic terrorists aka Black Lives Matter on Belair and Columbia road Police responded. These people support a group backed by people who support Islamic terrorists that have even called for a revolution in America.

Listen carefully to this video and hear how uninformed they are. Showing that they have been brainwashed by the left thanks to the Public Education which is teaching lies.

At around 8 minutes and 30 seconds in the video below this woman lies and says Muslims are not supporting Black Lives Matter. See the proof of the Muslim Brotherhood supporting BLM and calling for Revolution in America. Shortly after 8 min and 44 seconds into the video I tell her that the Council Of Islamic Relations has called for Islamic Revolution in America, She says clearly WHATS WRONG WITH THAT

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This next video is proof that the Muslim Brotherhood is supporting Black Lives Matter and has called for Islamic Revolution in America. This video was at a conference right here in America.

Jazmine Ridlehoover supports BLM the next videos are of BLM leaders advocating genocide and more. And Jazmine Ridlehoover along with her father James Ridlehoover support BLM.


This father and daughter support the Communist Marxist group aka BLM BELOW WE HAVE SOME VIDEOS OF THE BLM MAKING DEATH THREATS AND MORE.

Black Lives Matter rioters in Charlotte marched down the street chanting “f-ck your Jesus”

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This next video show how we feel about Islam as a Koran/Quran is blown up in Georgia

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Author: johnnyinfidel