VIDEO PROOF – Black Lives Matter and antifa collaborating with Muslim groups to impose Sharia law

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The ADL is lying to the world when they say this following statement is not accurate. Black Lives Matter is working with the Muslim Brotherhood and cite the decision by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to stand in solidarity with Black Lives.

We now will expose THE ADls lies and have designated them ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC

In a December 2015 speech to the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, urged American Muslims to support the cause of Black Lives Matter, saying:

“Black Lives Matter is our matter. Black Lives Matter is our campaign.”

At the same event, MAS leader, Khalilah Sabra urged “revolution” and compared the situation in the U.S. to the MB-led Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria. She made the following disturbing remarks:

The Muslim Brotherhood is now backing Black Lives Matter and is calling for a Islamic Revolution on American Soil.

Khalilah Sabra - How the Muslim Brotherhood USA Dissolved After 911

Here is a video proving that the statement is in fact true with the following video.

Watch this video which shows the true face and agendas of the religion of the Anti Christ founded by a barbaric throat slitting,illiterate desert nomad,child rapist and false prophet aka Muhammad which is being removed by the enemies of America aka all social media platforms.

Muslim American Student Society pledges to “Die to establish Islam in America

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Read Muslim American Society Teaching Kids To Chop Off Heads Of Infidels aka Non Muslims

For more info about how Facebook and all social media are trying to stop the threat of islam from being exposed.

Freedom Fighter Radio has made available the Document of the Muslim brotherhoods plan for the conquest of the United States of America and Western Civilization.

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Three Percent movement members promoting Unity with BLM and Antifa.

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