Debunking The Big Breonna Taylor Lie Video The Real Truth About Breonna Taylor

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The media is terrorizing Black Americans, many of who buy into the liberal media’s narrative that police officers are breaking into people’s homes and murdering them in cold blood. 

Breonna Taylor’s ex offered plea deal in July that named her as part of ‘crime syndicate

It may be too late for the media to get the facts right about Breonna Taylor’s death. At least too late to stop the riots currently being carried out in her name. So much of the death and destruction over recent months could have been avoided if the liberal media simply told the truth when it comes to police shootings of Black suspects. 

The Truth About Breonna Taylor

The drive-by media, as Rush Limbaugh calls it, shows up on the scene and breathlessly announces that police officers have shot and killed another unarmed black person; this time a young nurse who was sound asleep in her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky.

The few “facts” the media provides about the shooting turn out to be wrong, and all the context and factors leading up to Taylor’s death are never mentioned by the mainstream media. And if the big tech companies get their way, the facts of these cases would never come out. 

The media’s narrative goes that on the night of March 13, Louisville police executed a no-knock search warrant on Taylor’s apartment under the mistaken belief that Taylor was somehow involved in the drug trade. After storming her residence, the police shot and killed Taylor as she was sound asleep in her bed. 

Here are the facts that exonerate the police of such malicious and outrageous lies. 

On a day marked by violent protests where two police officers were shot in Louisville by BLM Inc. activists, Charlie takes you through the Breonna Taylor case step-by-step, debunking the biggest lies sold to us by the activist media over the past 5 months. Was she really sleeping when she was shot? Was it a no-knock warrant after all? Why weren’t the officers charged with killing her and should they have been? We cut through the fog of lies peddled by leftwing cable networks and give you the pure, unadulterated truth so that you can inform yourself, your friends, your family, and anyone who may still be confused by the big Breonna Taylor Lie.

The Charlie Kirk Show: Debunking The Big Breonna Taylor Lie

People looking to blame Taylor’s death on anyone but Taylor herself should point to the boyfriend who opened fire on police officers. At that point, officers have every right to defend themselves. 

Many of the police-shooting lies come from family members of the “victims” and their attorneys who always accuse the police of malfeasance when trying to extract wrongful death payouts from cities and police departments. The race hucksters and liberal activists then jump on the lies because so much of the left’s agenda depends upon America being seen as an irredeemably racist country. But the facts show otherwise, which is why the left always hides them. Reporters could get a lot of these facts right if they simply didn’t take the word of these attorneys, race hucksters, BLM agitators, and liberal activists all pursuing an agenda. 

When Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced on Wednesday that, after reviewing the evidence, no charges directly relating to Taylor’s death would be brought against the police, young Black Americans who had been misled by the mainstream media were understandably outraged. The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura interviewed one such woman who said she now lives in fear of the police. 

All the “woke” companies that enable BLM’s lies about the case, the athletes who wear Taylor’s name on their jerseys, and the idiot celebrities who promulgate these falsehoods all get to go on with their lives and never suffer any of the real-world consequences for the violence and destruction they help cause. 

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Author: johnnyinfidel