Joe Biden and Antifa

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Joe Biden Said ‘ANTIFA’s an Idea, Not an Organization’

The domain Takes You to the Biden Campaign Site For a Donation Joe Biden has not condemned Antifa which means the approves of the violence.

Antifa Is Not Fighting For Freedom, But For Communist Revolution

Antifa represents the chaos of Germany’s Weimar Republic and provide the violent complement to academic neo-Marxism. Like their philosophical comrades, Antifa seeks to destroy the American emphasis on liberty under law and to impose a revival of one of history’s most repressive ideologies.

Antifa is the violent complement to academic neo-Marxism.

Remember silence is consent.

Facebook will not allow anyone to post the link showing this proof so we here at Freedom Fighter Radio will. The screen shot below is proof of Facebook trying to hide the truth.

VIDEO – Antifa Gets A Beatdown By Johnny Infidel Of Freedom Fighter Radio

In the video below I Johnny Infidel give a crazed leftist member of Antifa a beat-down while I was doing a live video on FACEBOOK. with a police ASP baton at a Pro Trump Maga Hat Rally outside of CNN world Headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. I was also open carrying a Colt 45 1911.

He was struck so hard that it bent the baton as seen in the video at the 50 sec mark.

The attacker was struck again below the knee and received a serious bone fracture to his right leg.

Watch the Antifa punk cry like a bitch in the video below

He was then held at bay with pepper spray till police took over.During the video when you hear the Antifa bitch scream it was because I was striking him multiple times with my steel ASP baton.

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