EXPOSED VIDEO PROOF Waynesboro Georgia Police Officer Backs Advocate For Group That Has Called For Open Season On Killing Cops

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VIDEO PROOF – Georgia police officer for Waynesboro Georgia Support for an advocate For a Communist aka Marxist group that has had spokesmen advocating for open season on killing cops BURN LOOT MURDER aka Black Lives Matter

My call to the Supervisor for Waynesboro PD about this VIDEO PROOF that one of their Police Officers Backs advocate for a group that has called for open season on killing cops. The group is Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter leader calling for the death of ALL POLICE OFFICERS and white people.

BLM Leaders Advocating For Bombing White Churches And The Killing Of White Babies For Years. HERES THE PROOF

Link to articles with videos exposing the domestic terrorist organization BURN LOOT MURDER aka BLACK LIVES MATTER

Call the Waynesboro Georgia police department and share your thoughts (706) 554-8029

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Author: johnnyinfidel