Black Lives Matter co-founder a trained Marxist signs deal with Warner Brothers Buckle up America

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – You are going to have to buy into the Black Lives Matter mantra even if they have to control every facet of American media.

Don’t like it? They will force feed it down your throats.

Several media sources, including Breitbart News, are reporting that one of the founders of the Marxist-leaning organization disguised as a civil rights movement has signed a production deal with Warner Bros. Television Group to produce content across that company’s platforms.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc (BLM) founder Patrisse Cullors admitted that she and co-founder Alicia Garza are Marxist-trained in an interview conducted by The Real News Network at the end of June. A third co-founder, according to the BLM website, is Opal Tometi. Cullors has also been photographed hugging Venezuelan Communist dictator Nicolas Maduro. While the street-level participants of this global foundation may think they are doing one thing, the leadership has other plans.  

BLM, Socialists, & Antifa: The same DNA

This Video is in response to Burn LOOT MURDER aka BLM burning and desecrating American flags, Black lives Matter is a Communist movement

According to a release, the contract signed between Warner Bros. and Patrisse Cullors includes programming from animation, to scripted and unscripted projects and digital projects. Variety reports that the content will be available on the group’s streaming services, TV, and film.

Of course, Cullors is going to use the projects to browbeat the American people with Black Lives Matter propaganda.

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