EXPOSED Three Percenter Member Of The National Sheriffs Association Advocates For Murder Of Trump Supporter

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Tresa Haywood is on record for advocating and promoting murder.

To see her friends who support soliciting people for murder go this link they all have full knowledge of this go this link

The number listed below for the the National Sheriffs Association the question we all need to ask is how many other members also advocate for and solicited people for murder????

The phone number to call is 571-241-7937

She is the Owner and founder of Veterans Freedom Project and Senior Chief at Continental Marshals For The Republic says on her facebook account she is the Community Liaison at the National Sheriffs’ Association.

How many others in the National Sheriffs Association also are advocating for murder?

In the 2nd video in this post at the 2 min mark you will see her comment advocating for murder

NOTE – Freedom Fighter Radio now owns the .com to Veterans freedom Project to see go to

We legally purchased the domain as she didn’t think of buying it. Again the domain was on the market for purchase, She appears to think that our ownership is not legal lol.

In the pic of her she uses the White Power handsign.

Note she is on record publicly advocating for murder. Below are the groups she is part of who support her. We openly call for cyber warfare on this Anti-Semitic bitch and her friends as well as the groups shes part of.

The number listed below for the the National Sheriffs Association

The phone number to call is 571-241-7937

Below is a screenshot oh this liar and freedom fraud where she is misrepresenting and publicly lying about how shes part of the National Sheriffs Association

Here is the link to her Facebook profile to attack

The Message about me from A anti-Semitic Nazi Hey people what she wants done to me I advocate that same action on her.

Iam tired of bitches that are like this running their mouths that dont know jack about the real threats to our Republic and the entire Western World.

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