Bevelyn Beatty ‘stabbed’ Conservative activist and 3 Proud Boys ‘knifed in Washington DC on Election Night By Black Lives Matter WATCH VIDEO

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Pro-Trump CONSERVATIVE activist Bevelyn Beatty was stabbed in a street brawl in Washington D.C.

Three ‘Proud Boys’ were also stabbed and slashed during following the altercation, which took place at about 3.20am, cops say.

The DC Police Department has confirmed that a stabbing took place on the 700 block of 14th Street Northwest and are looking for three suspects.

Patriots hunt them down like mangy dogs.

Footage posted on social media shows a group of people involved in a vicious street brawl.

One man is seen clutching his face with blood on his hands and says “I’m bleeding”.

A person can be heard saying “they stabbed Bevelyn Beatty” referring to the pro-Trump conservative activist.

Beatty then walks down the road saying “they stabbed me” as she clutches her back.

In a video posted from her hospital bed, Beatty says that she was “stabbed by Black Lives Matter kids” Patriots hunt them down like mangy dogs.

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Her group saw a man who had come from a campaign event and who they feared was about to be attacked and went to assist.

At that point she said they came under attack.

D.C police have yet to say who was involved or what the motivation was but are looking for three suspects. The DC police and mainstream media are trying to hide the fact that this was an attack by BIDEN supporters who are BLM

They are two black males wearing all-black clothing and a black female wearing black sweatpants with white stripes, orange leggings and a dark gray coat armed with a knife.

The incident follows clashed between cops and Black Lives Matter protesters outside the White House.

Before polls had closed in D.C., a group of protesters clashed with police near Black Lives Matter Plaza and one arrest was made.

This website condones retaliation against those responsible for this vicious attack. They need to suffer the same fate as these Patriots who were attacked by BLM. The DC police has the blood of these patriots on their hands. We openly call for lethal force to be used against any future attacks no matter where they occur.


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