Georgia Radio Station Running Ads For Islamic Terrorist Group Hamas Aka Doctors Without Borders

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A Georgia radio station WGAC 580 am and 95.1 fm in Augusta Georgia owned by the Beasley Media Group is running ads for a Charity group That supports the annihilation of Israel and in the past has smuggled illegal weapons to hamas and more that charity group is Doctors WithoutBorders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) which is a Terrorist Front Group that is also Pro open borders. They should be called “Terrorism Without Borders”.

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Doctors Without Borders consistently abuses its status as a humanitarian organization to launch venomous anti-Israel political campaigns. These attacks are entirely divorced from medical and health related issues, raising questions as to what its priorities and goals are. See links below for multiple articles exposing them as Islamic Terrorists.

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Share This Post Call Them at (706) 396-7000 Corporate number 239-263-5000 Their website Corp address 3033 RIVIERA Dr. Ste. 200, Naples, Florida, 34103, United States

Click on links below exposing the Islamic Terrorist Group Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders’ Gave Terrorist Entry Pass to Israel

Doctors Without Borders Aiding Terrorists

Terrorist Killed Attempting to Infiltrate Israel Worked for Doctors Without Borders

IDF: Gaza terrorist worked for Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders nurse attacks Israeli troops at Gaza

Israel says Gaza gunman was Doctors Without Borders nurse

Doctors Without Borders gave Arab terrorist staffer pass to enter Israel -plotted to murder Prime Minister Olmert

A Gazan doctor given a pass by Doctors Without Borders used it to plan assassinations of Israeli officials

Doctors Without Borders’ Hitman

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When not carrying out the good work of Doctors Without Borders, Muzab Bashir a Goat Humping Savage plotted assassinations

IRS Rejects Complaint Against Doctors Without Borders 

For articles on this site exposing the Islamic Savages aka Hamas click on link below.

Below is a list of Programs that support a radio station that is running ads for this network that is running ads soliciting its listeners to donate money to an organization whose members have committed terrorist attacks against Israel.


1:05am – 5:00amCoast-To-Coast AM with George Noory
5:05am – 6:00amAmerica In the Morning with Jim Bohannon
5:30am – 8:45am“Augusta’s Morning News” w/ John Patrick, Mary Liz Nolan and Steve Smith
8:45am – 9:00amWGAC Business Review with John Patrick
9:05am – 12:00pmGlenn Beck
12:05pm – 3:00pmThe Rush Limbaugh Show
3:05pm – 6:00pmThe Austin Rhodes Show
6:00pm – 6:30pmThe 6 O’Clock News with WJBF
6:30pm – 6:45pmThe O’Reilly Show with Bill O’Reilly
6:45pm – 10:00pmThe Mark Levin Show
10:05pm – 1:00amDave Ramsey
1:00am – 6:00amCoast-To-Coast AM with George Norry
6:05am – 7:00amDave Ramsey
7:05am – 8:00amThe Wallace and Sons Lawn & Garden Show
8:05am – 10:00amThe C&C Automotive Car Care Show
10:05am – 11:00amAll In With Ana And Ryan
11:05am – 12:00pmGet Neighborly
4:05pm – 7:00pmGlenn Beck
7:05pm – 10:00pmHandel On The Law
10:05pm – 12:00pmSomewhere In Time with Art Bell
12:05am – 1:00amSomewhere In Time with Art Bell
1:05am – 6:00amCoast-To-Coast AM with George Noory
6:00am – 7:30amChrist Church Presbyterian
7:30am – 8:00amThe Lutheran Hour
8:00am – 11:00amThe Kim Komando Show
11:00am – 12:00pmSt. Paul’s Episcopal Church Service
12:05pm – 3:00pmRush Limbaugh Week In Review
3:05pm – 6:00pmBest of Clark Howard Show
6:05pm – 7:00pmThe First Step With Judge David Watkins
7:00pm-8:00pmLaw Talk With Pj Campanero
9:05pm – 10:00pmMotley Fool Money Financial Show
10:00pm – 1:00amBill Cunningham

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